To Bit or not To Be

eCommerce Platform, In house developed Content Management System (Bit2CMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Whichever solution you may be searching for to digitise your company’s processes, Bit2Be – with its Microsoft and Oracle certified professionals – knows how to develop it in accordance with the latest standards. Always with the assurance of a highly specialized and dedicated IT team, and all the advantages of an outsourced management.

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Consulting from choice to creation

Prior to creating, Bit2Be identifies the digital solution best suited
to your company’s business.


A specialized IT department, composed
of a Microsoft and Oracle certified team.


A remote assistance, to be always present
and more profitable for your company.


Bit2CMS e-commerce Platform to reach clients anywhere in the world and allow
your business to expand.

Online Solutions

Software customized for every need.
To present your company, to be more visible
in the market, meet clients,
identify the prospects and easily manage all your company’s processes.

App Mobile

Bit2Be develops the backend for mobile applications to make them available
on every device.

A factory that supports your company

In Bit2Be, your company can find a certified experience
for the development of innovative online solutions, above all customized,
to have what you need, exactly the way you need it. We have developed Bit2CMS totally in house with latest Microsoft technologies
In addition, the factory creates the backend for applications for Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Google Android.
This way, your app will be available on every device.

A direct, constant and “tailor-made” support to provide your company with those specific and indispensable digital instruments to be in the market, simplify the management of activities and
strengthen the current business.

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Work remotely
to be always present.

For Bit2Be, having a Headquarters in Albania represents a strategic choice, because outsourcing represents a concrete advantage for the client,
who can rely on a highly specialized consultancy but at a truly competitive price. This way, while Bit2Be invests all of its best resources, your company
can take advantage of cost savings to invest into other objectives.

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These are the clients who chose Bit2Be. A number that includes both well-known brands and innovative start-ups, which certify the work and consultancy of the factory through their projects. These are different realities, which allowed Bit2Be to create reliable and effective solutions and
– at times – to strengthen its own expertise through the research of solutions not yet tested.