About Us

Bit2Be is a new reality, but with an experience as long as that of its team: more than eight years.
It is a software factory capable of developing innovative digital solutions and personalising them according to your company’s needs.
The consultancy and the support cover the entire development process
of the requested online solution: from the creation until the day by day complete operative management.

about Bit2be


From the creation of the most effective digital solution up to its development, your company can always count on the Bit2Be professionalism.


A specialized partner, Microsoft and Oracle certified, to simplify and develop your company.


A remote consultancy. A continuous and immediate assistance. A cost-effective choice for your business.

Who We Are

Thanks to the high-level training and specialization of the team,
Bit2Be is a Microsoft and Oracle certified partner. With an operative Headquarters in Albania, it guarantees its clients
the professionalism of an IT department with certified abilities
and the advantages of outsourcing, which reduces the costs of management but not the responsiveness and the time frame of feedback on questions from each client.
With a perfectly trilingual team, Bit2Be can provide an actual consultancy
in Italian, English and Albanian, to support realities from different corners
of Europe always with the same efficiency.

What We Do

Bit2Be puts at the service of your company a certified experience in the development of eCommerce Platform, Content Management System (CMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and operating software for the digitalisation of every business process and task.
Furthermore, Bit2Be creates the backend for applications for Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Google Android.

You can rely on a broad-spectrum consultancy and delivery, because
the factory develops solutions by using the most important and modern Microsoft, Android and Apple iOS technologies: ASP.NET and MVC, Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Azure packs, relational and
non-relational databases like SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB C#, Java and JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift (iOS) languages as well as
the Amazon Web Services’ cloud products and solutions (EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB S3, SNS, SES).

Making every company more streamlined, faster and more efficient. This is the bit2be mission.

Bit2Be was born with a unique and specific mission: support the medium-sized companies in the identification and creation of the best digital solutions, which are necessary to the business growth and the simplification of the company processes management. A tailor-made consultancy, which allows providing instruments to get visible online, software to streamline
the internal management and become more competitive in the market.

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